The Mona Lisa

Musée du Louvre

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The SCAR Project: Breast Cancer Is Not A Pink Ribbon

The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. Primarily an awareness raising campaign, The SCAR Project puts a raw, unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women.

Dedicated to the more than 10,000 women under the age of 40 who will be diagnosed this year alone, The SCAR Project is an exercise in awareness, hope, reflection and healing.

Read more here

Now HERE’S a good goddamn glimpse at breast cancer.  Fuck your “save second base” bullshit.  -C

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R2D2 - Arturito

Yo crecí en EE.UU. y vi las Star Wars en inglés, no podía creer que en español le dijeran arturito

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Oh Joffrey. If there was only someone out there who loved you.
— everyone (via makingfunofthestarks)

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